Safety of our members is a top priority. We’ve worked with local law enforcement officers to develop a “Common Sense Safety Initiative” beginning with these agent safety tips:

Personal Safety Tips from the Start

1 ) Do not put personal information on your advertising. Always use business address and phone number.

2 ) Keep a file of each agent including cell phone numbers, make, model, color and license plate of their vehicles.

3 ) Have a secret phrase or word you can use to notify the office there is trouble. Such as “Check the RED file for this listing information” giving the address or file number for the location you are at.

4 ) Always schedule your first meeting with sellers and buyers at the office. Have them fill out personal information sheets. Ask for I.D. and make a copy of it for the file. Vet clients on Social Media and ccap. (Wisconsin Circuit Court System.)

5 ) Introduce your clients to coworkers, make a big deal of it informing coworkers of the property they will be involved with. Criminal’s will not like the fact others have seen them and know where you are going with them.

6 ) Never show a property without have first been there to check out the layout. Look for escape routes, parking areas so you do not get blocked in trouble spots within the house or property. Check cell phone coverage.

7 ) Meet the neighbors if possible. Let them know you will be showing the house at different times so if they see your vehicle it is OK. They will watch and look at clients to see who their potential neighbors may be.

8 ) Notify your office before doing a showing. Give them all needed information, who you are showing the property to. Start time and approximate finish time, and that you will check in when you have LEFT the listing.

9) Drive separately. Have the client follow you from listing to listing. If you must go in the same vehicle, you drive.

10) Watch where you park, never get blocked in. Best to park in the street and walk up to the property. If this is not feasible make sure you have an escape route.

11) Lock personal items like your purse or belongings in the trunk. Lock your car and keep your key’s available always. Keep them in your pocket or attached to a lanyard or belt. Don’t wear expensive jewelry while showing listings.

12) Always follow your client into the house and throughout the showing. Avoid going into basements, attics and small areas that do not have escape routes. Be well versed in these areas so they can be explained to the clients and they can look at them if they desire.

13) Leave door’s open or unlocked during the showing so you have an easy exit if needed. Leave the lights on in the rooms as you walk through.

14) Make sure the clients leave the property before you lock up and leave.

Open House Safety Tips

1 ) Do not do open house alone. Have a partner with you so you have someone to go for or call for help if needed.

2 ) Make sure you preview the house prior to the open house. Contact the neighbors and let them know in advance so they are familure with you and your vehicle.

3 ) Strictly enforce your start and end times. Make sure your office knows when you should be returning or calling in that you are done.

4 ) Have a registration area staffed so a registration book with Names and addresses and vehicle information is filled out by every guest.

5 ) If you have to work the open house alone, stay at the registration area and ask for a photo ID so you can fill out the registration form.

6 ) Make sure all areas are checked prior to locking up including the back yard

7 ) Listen to what the clients are saying and how they say it. If it sounds too good to be true or causes any red flags to go up when talking to them or with what you see on social media or your background check. Take appropriate precautions. Make sure you have someone with you when showing or if alone end your showing.

8 ) Always error on the side of caution. There is NO sale worth getting hurt or worse. THINK SAFETY, PRACTICE SAFETY. STAY SAFE