2017-18 LARA Leaders – Applications Being Accepted Now through October 1

About the Lakes Area REALTORS® Association Leadership and Governance The Lakes Area REALTORS® Association has one paid staff member – CEO Denise Schultz. As the Association Executive, she leads the day to day operations of the organization according to our Bylaws, and the Bylaws and Organizational Core Standards of the National Association REALTORS® with input [...]

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Why YPN?

Why Y-PN? By: Denise Schultz, RCE - LARA CEO Networking : “the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.” (Merriam-Webster) Having first been born the middle sister of five, then building a career on professional relationship building, when I entered the real estate world in 2011 and learned about YPN – the Young Professionals [...]

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LARA CEO Earns National Designation

Denise Schultz earned the National Association of REALTORS(R) RCE (REALTOR(R) Certified Executive) in San Antonio, Texas at the 2016 AEI (Association Executives Insitute.) Learn more here: Press release - Schultz RCE

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How Can I Get More Involved in Our Association?

Sometimes those of us in leadership roles forget that there are 400+ members out there who aren't involved in the every day activities we are. Yesterday I had one of our Affiliate Business Partner Members ask me "What committees can I get involved with at LARA?" and I realized that maybe our members don't realize [...]

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What Makes REALTORS(R) Special

“Our Code of Ethics Helps Us to be Better at Our Business – and at Serving Our Clients.” “This is How We Police Ourselves.” “Knowledge is Truth.” “We Deputize to Raise the Bar.” “Tell the Truth, and You Won’t Have to Remember What You Said in the Future.” “Our Code of Ethics Dispute Resolution Process [...]

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Gary Grolle Awarded LARA 2015 REALTOR(R) of the Year

For Immediate Release  December 28, 2015…Elkhorn, Wisconsin … Gary Grolle Awarded Lakes Area 2015 REALTOR® of the Year. What is normally a formal presentation of a prestigious annual award for a local professional organization took a new twist when Santa Claus presented Gary Grolle of the Village of Bloomfield with the 2015 REALTOR® OF THE YEAR [...]

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Making Sense of MLS

Most member of Lakes Area REALTORS® Association (LARA) choose to utilize the services of Metro MLS, (www.metromls.com) a Wisconsin corporation held completely separate from our Association. Let’s review some MLS terminology to clarify common questions: A MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE (MLS) is: • A facility for the orderly correlation and dissemination of listing information so Participants may better [...]

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LARA Leadership Message from Rick Geaslen, 2015 President

As summer comes to a close, it’s busier than ever here in the Lakes Area. This is not only the case in our real estate businesses, but on the association side of our profession as well. It seems to be convention season and I’ve noticed this inspires questions about leadership and future direction – including [...]

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Can I Pay My Membership Dues Online?

YES. Visa and MasterCard are accepted by the National Association of REALTORS(R) for primary membership dues. (If we are your secondary board, payment directly to LARA will be required.) From now through 11/30/2015, you may pay your 2016 membership dues online at: http://www.realtor.org  If you are already registered with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) website (www.realtor.org)  [...]

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And The Winners Are:

The Awards Go to  -  - EVERYONE Involved in the 2015 LARA Golf Outing What a wonderful time was had by all at the August 19 (2015) LARA Golf Outing. The staff at Hawk’s View Golf Club deserves much of the credit for a day filled with fun and fund raising for several important causes. Matt, [...]

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